I'm Lynn Higbee and I was an art major in college and I have been doing a variety of artistic work such as murals and tile painting for many years.  Years ago before my children were born I handpainted clothing and sold it at craft shows, home shows and stores.  Upon the birth of my second daughter I could'nt find the time to paint so devoted my time to raising my 2 daughters.  I've facepainted at the New Jersey Childrens Museum, church carnivals, my daughters birthday party and for a variety of my childrens fund-raisers and have found it to be alot of fun! 
My husband is a self employed plumber and I needed to find a way to enjoy myself in a creative way so therefore Glitterbugz Face Painting was born!  I've been face-painting ever since!
I really enjoy seeing that slow to beaming smile on childrens faces when the painting is done and they first look in the mirror.  Each design is hand done and can range from simple cheek or arm to full face designs.  I use only top quality Snazaroo facepaint made specifically for this use.  Snazaroo paints have vivid color and are skin-safe.  Washing off is a breeze, use soap and water or a baby wipe.
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Member of the Face Painting and Body Art Association